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Happy Easter?

Instagram made Easter stickers.
Facebook offered me some e-cards.
People posted on Twitter wishing me a 'Happy Easter'.

But why? 

Why do we, in a society which seems so keen to separate itself from religion, continue to celebrate a religious festival? Christmas, too, this year, stirred up similar feelings of confusion for me. I understand that for many people, Easter has become synonymous with springtime - a celebration of new life (lambs, chicks and daffodils); a symbol of hope, if you like, after a long, dark winter. Don't get me wrong - I love chocolate eggs, roast lamb and family Easter egg hunts as much as the next girl, but I can't help but feel more than a little bewildered at the prominent position of Easter in a society which rejects so many other aspects of the Christian faith. Just like Christmas, this religious celebration has been seized for commercial gain. Like giant limpets, multi-national companies sensed the potential goldmine of the Easter bunny many yea…

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