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Walking the York City Walls

Today is the day. Today, we’re going to walk the York city walls.

These large, imposing stone structures enclose the old town now as they have done for many centuries, though now the town has expanded, overflowing onto the other side like an unstoppable living organism. The walls are unbelievably thick, constructed from heavy chunks of stone, and I wonder just how the builders managed to transport them without injury all those years ago.
We enter the walls by the Bishop’s Gate, posing for a photograph on the way. I almost feel like I’m going back in time as we step off the noisy road and into the wall, where a strange sort of calm pervades, high above the cars and pedestrians of the city below. Did the Roman soldiers on patrol sense this, too?
It’s a damp morning and a soft, feathery mist has gathered gently on the rooftops. It’s not enough to obscure our view, but coats the city in a light, downy dust, enshrouding it in mystery. We begin to walk along the ramparts, stopping every now a…

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